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Cakes, and a request March 7, 2011

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Hi everyone, just a quick note to say that rather than continuing to post my cakes here, I’ve created a set of cake photos on my Flickr page. I’ll probably still post some cakes from time to time, but if you want to see the cakes I’ve created, click on the cake (what else?!) below.

Second, I will shortly be gallivanting around the US and Europe for about 6 weeks in April and May. While I am sure I will have many great experiences – both food-related and detective-related – I won’t have ongoing access to the internet. So it’s your chance to take over the blog for a post! I’m putting out a call for guest posts during the period I’ll be away. If you are interested, DM me on twitter (@inspiredbywolfe) or drop me an email (inspiredbywolfe@gmail.com). Any food- or Nero Wolfe-related posts are welcome – or a combination of the two! Of course, links and proper references and attribution will be provided.

The ‘Wolfe recipe’ tag April 17, 2010

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Just a quick note to say that if you’re interested in specific recipes that come straight out of the Nero Wolfe books, created either by Fritz or Nero Wolfe himself, I’ve now added a handy Wolfe recipe tag to all the recipes in this category. I’ve also added a link in the sidebar to the right, so if you’re visiting and want to see what’s new in this category, you just need to click the link!

Addition of blog pages March 17, 2010

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Just a short note to say that I’ve changed the structure of the blog slightly and have added separate pages for cheesemaking and breadmaking. I’m intending to use these pages to provide a record of all my activities in these areas; however, I do understand that not everyone will be interested in every time I make a loaf of bread or some cheese! You can access these pages from the tabs at the top, and I may occasionally refer to them on this main part of the blog if there’s something I want to highlight.

Do not entrust these dishes to your cook unless he is an artist December 22, 2009

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…So says Nero Wolfe in Too Many Cooks. I feel I am at a disadvantage already starting out since I am part of that section of the population who Wolfe despises – a woman. While it is probable I can never overcome this difficulty in Wolfe’s eyes, I hope that the culinary adventures narrated and the recipes undertaken would at least cause Wolfe to begrudgingly concede that I am at least a bit of an artist.

At this point it seems only fair that I lay my faults on the table:

  1. I do occasionally boil my corn in water (see Murder is Corny – part of the Trio for Blunt Instruments collection)
  2. I am not as fond of heavy cream dishes as Wolfe is
  3. On occasion I do consider a corned beef sandwich to be a sufficient, and delicious, meal (cf. Archie Goodwin on more than one occasion).

If you have found your way here I hope stay around, and that you are as entertained and inspired by Stout’s writing and the characters he has created as I have been.