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Do not entrust these dishes to your cook unless he is an artist December 22, 2009

Posted by inspiredbywolfe in Admin.

…So says Nero Wolfe in Too Many Cooks. I feel I am at a disadvantage already starting out since I am part of that section of the population who Wolfe despises – a woman. While it is probable I can never overcome this difficulty in Wolfe’s eyes, I hope that the culinary adventures narrated and the recipes undertaken would at least cause Wolfe to begrudgingly concede that I am at least a bit of an artist.

At this point it seems only fair that I lay my faults on the table:

  1. I do occasionally boil my corn in water (see Murder is Corny – part of the Trio for Blunt Instruments collection)
  2. I am not as fond of heavy cream dishes as Wolfe is
  3. On occasion I do consider a corned beef sandwich to be a sufficient, and delicious, meal (cf. Archie Goodwin on more than one occasion).

If you have found your way here I hope stay around, and that you are as entertained and inspired by Stout’s writing and the characters he has created as I have been.


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