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On this page you can find the records of my experimentation with breadmaking. I have only recently started making bread and hopefully this page will document my progression and improvements in making bread!

Basic white bread

Fitzwilliam, my sourdough starter (includes a list of the breads I’ve made using the sourdough starter)

My version of Ruhlman’s buttermilk rolls (I used a smaller tin and halved the recipe and still got 10 rolls out of it!)

Braided bread with filling – a beautiful soft dough which could be used for many things

I made bagels to go with my chopped liver and sauerkraut

I made Fritz’s bread, apparently so good that Nero Wolfe will never eat another type of bread.

Fritz’s hard rolls, yeast rolls with lots of resting.

I used a medieval recipe to make pink bread out of beetroots

I made some rolls using spelt flour

I made some nutty, almost sweet bread with cracked wheat

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