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Seed bread June 17, 2013

Posted by inspiredbywolfe in Bread.

Technically, I guess this isn’t bread. It has no flour and no yeast – just a lot of seeds with some stuff to hold it together. You may have seen the recipe already as it has been doing the rounds – I am not sure it qualifies as life-changing, or possesses all of the beneficial health qualities stated in the recipe, but I was intrigued and curious about trying a loaf which was a loaf – but not bread.

It was easy enough to put together – I started by measuring out all the seeds and nuts directly into the loaf tin.

The strangest ingredient to me was the psyllium seed husks, which is the ingredient which binds everything together in lieu of actual flour or gluten. The first time I made this, I mixed in the psyllium husks with the dry ingredients, and then added the water plus a bit of oil. However, in subsequent cooking, I’ve mixed the psyllium in with the water/oil mixture and then stirred the whole lot into the nuts. This seemed to allow the psyllium to be better spread throughout the mixture and therefore bind everything together evenly.

Then it was just a matter of waiting. I erred on the side of caution and left it for about 4 hours, until it had firmed up and was well combined. I cooked it for 20 minutes in the tin, then removed it from the tin and cooked it for another 30 minutes, until it was golden and toasty.

As you see, the loaf bulged a bit to fit the silicone tin I used – maybe I used too many seeds. If you are going to make this loaf, one tip I will pass on is to wait until it is completely cool before slicing it – otherwise it is rather crumbly.

Once it is cool enough – slice away! It is delicious freshly sliced and also fantastic toasted – it has a great texture and taste.

I admit I haven’t been doing anything exciting with this loaf except for cut slices and spread avocado on it. This recipe is definitely flexible enough to change out the seeds or the amounts of each type.

I don’t think this is quite a substitute for my weekly loaf of bread, but it certainly is a lovely change from time to time.


1. zucchinibikini - June 20, 2013

So this is gluten free, then? If so, will try. (You prob already realise this, but psyllium husk is VERY high fibre … it’s in all the OTC constipation remedies 🙂

inspiredbywolfe - June 20, 2013

It has rolled oats in it, so I guess it doesn’t count as gluten free – unless there are gluten free rolled oats you could use instead? And don’t worry, there’s not enough psyllium husk in the recipe to cause any bad effects!

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