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Sweet and savoury scrolls December 2, 2012

Posted by inspiredbywolfe in Bread, Sweet things.

I am a big fan of various types of pastry scrolls and have been meaning to make some for a while. Finally, I got my act together and decided to make a big batch of scrolls. Because I was doing such a large batch, I decided to make half sweet and half savoury.

I started by mixing up the dough; I followed this recipe but omitted the sugar. I left it to rise and got on with making the fillings. For the savoury filling, I chopped up red onion, bacon and kale and mixed them together. For the sweet filling, I combined lemon juice, sugar, diced pear, raspberries and cinnamon.

Sweet and savoury fillings for the scrolls

After the dough had risen, I divided it in two and started rolling each piece out. I aimed for a rough rectangular shape, and rolled it out quite thin. I started with the savoury one, and first brushed some almost melted butter over the dough. I then spread the savoury mixture over the dough, and scattered on a layer of parmesan cheese.

Savoury dough with filling before rolling up

Once I’d spread everything out, I rolled it up lengthways, and stuck the dough seam down with a bit more butter. I started by using a butterknife to chop the roll into sections, but found that the butterknife was pressing down on the dough and squashing all the layers together. So I switched to a very sharp knife and slowly cut through the layers  – this seemed to work better.

I placed the rolls in a tin I’d prepared with some oil spray, making sure they didn’t touch each other. I left these to rise again while I prepared the sweet rolls.

Savoury scorolls ready for second rise

I left them to rise until they’d doubled in size, about 1 hour. By this time they’d all spread enough so they were squashed together – here’ a photo of the sweet scrolls after they’d risen the second time.

Sweet scrolls after their second rise

Then it was time to bake! While the recipe said the scrolls would be done after 25 minutes, it actually took about 35-40 minutes until they were cooked and nicely brown.

Savoury scrolls ready to eat

While I ended up with lots of scrolls to eat, this did not seem to be a problem! I did prefer the savoury scrolls but also enjoyed the sweet ones. The savoury ones were salty and a little sharp from the parmesan, and the onion flavour had permeated throughout the dough. This was offset by the kale, some of which had become crispy during the cooking process. The sweet ones were not too sweet and instead the lemon and cinnamon came through strongly.

I really do enjoy these types of doughs so will be sure to make more in the future. I was just sorry I had not made them before now.


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