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Dried prosciutto (to use in place of salt) November 11, 2012

Posted by inspiredbywolfe in Pork.

Another in the occasional series of “do this now because it’s super easy and awesome”. I can’t take credit for this – I’m only copying what I saw at a restaurant recently. I started with some thinly sliced prosciutto which I separated.

You could do this in a dehydrator, of course, but since I don’t have one, I started by putting them in the oven to dry out. Then I got impatient and realised it would probably work just as well in the microwave with paper towels to catch the fat, so that’s what I did. In a few minutes I had super crispy pieces of prosciutto.

I then put the pieces into a mortar and pestle, and bashed them into little bits. I could have used a spice grinder, but I liked having different sizes of prosciutto pieces.

The resulting pieces are intensely salty and bacony. They make a great substitute for salt on just about everything – eggs, meat, cocktails…the list is practically endless.  To store it, I added a little bit of normal salt so the pieces wouldn’t clump together, and have been using it on everything.

This is definitely something I’ll always have a supply of from now on.



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