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Pressure cooked beef cheeks October 1, 2012

Posted by inspiredbywolfe in Beef.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned before how much I love my pressure cooker. I only got it earlier this year, and I only got it because it was on sale. But I’m very glad I did, as I use it all the time to make a variety of soups, stews and meats. This time, I decided to use it to cook some beef cheeks, using a paste of garlic, ginger, chilis, nutmeg, star anise and coriander seeds.

I smashed most of the ingredients together using my mortar and pestle, and also threw in some turmeric, curry powder and lime juice for good measure.

To prepare the meat, I cut it into chunks and browned it using the pressure cooker’s saute function. I removed them from the cooker and then added the spice paste to cook it slightly. After it was fragrant, I added the pieces of  beef cheek back in, along with a small amount of beef stock and some chopped pumpkin pieces on top. I don’t have a separate steaming basket for my pressure cooker but find if I leave the vegetables in large enough pieces, they’re pretty easy to remove at the end.

I sealed it up and brought it to pressure. I should add that the other great thing about new pressure cookers is that I’m not afraid of the pressure stopper suddenly shooting off and spilling whatever I’m cooking all over the stove. Hurrah for safety!

I left it for about 1.5 hours and then it was time to check the meat. The pumpkin was well and truly done, so I removed that and set it aside to mash. And as for the meat…

It was beautifully tender, falling apart at the touch of a fork. It had a hint of that gelatinous quality which I like so much in pork heads,  but was definitely very beefy. I served it with the mashed pumpkin and some of the reduced leftover liquid turned into a sauce.

Best of all, there was only one pot to clean up and I didn’t have to wait for hours and hours for my beef cheeks to be thoroughly cooked!

While not yet at the level of pressure cooker evangelist, I am definitely a convert to its charms.


1. colleen - August 18, 2013

trying this tomorrow night

2. debdjd - June 11, 2016

Delighted to have found your blog as I have just bought a pressure cooker ☺

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