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Pomegranate jelly August 12, 2012

Posted by inspiredbywolfe in Fruit.

After bringing home four pomegranates when I saw them on sale at the local market, I then had to work out what to do with them. While they’re useful to put into salads and things, I wanted to do something else with them. I knew I didn’t have enough to make molasses, so thought instead I’d try to make pomegranate jelly.

Normally when I remove the arils from a pomegranate, I chop it in half, then put the half in a bowlful of water and separate the white pith from the arils; the pith floats and the arils sink. However, I’d also read it was possible to juice a pomegranate by using a normal citrus juicer. This method destroys the arils, of course, but seemed to be an easy way to get the juice.

Apart from shooting juice all over the counter, I was pleased to see that the citrus juicer worked very well in extracting the juice. I was left with quite a lot of juice (about 1 cup) and a pile of squashed seeds. I added a bit of sugar to the seeds and left them to macerate and get every last bit of juice out.

After leaving it for a couple of hours, I pushed the seeds through a strainer to extract all the juice. I put all the juice in a saucepan and started to heat it up. It was such a nice colour.

When the juice was almost boiling, I added a sheet of gelatin and stirred until it was dissolved. I let it cool and then poured the jelly into some tins I’d lined with baking paper and sprayed with oil.

I left the jelly to set in the fridge overnight, and then had fun using my cookie cutters to chop the jelly into different shapes.

The jelly was quite tart, but very refreshing, with the pomegranate flavour not too strong. I really enjoy using this method to make jellies from fruit juices; it means the flavour and sweetness can be controlled. In this case I was very happy with the use of the pomegranates and was happy I’d found something else to do with them.


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