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Vegetable chips June 14, 2012

Posted by inspiredbywolfe in Vegetables.

I really need a new category of, “make this, it’s ridiculously easy and the end result is great”. In lieu of a category like that, let me say: make these, they’re ridiculously easy, and the end result is great.

I’d heard about the process of making potato chips in the microwave but had never tried it myself. Since it was apparently the same technique for any root vegetable, I decided to try it with some parsnip and some beetroot. The first step is to thinly slice your vegetables. I tried it both slicing by hand and using a mandoline, and actually preferred the slightly thicker chips made by hand slicing.

I then spread the pieces out over a microwave safe plate, so none were touching or overlapping. Then I simply put them in the microwave, and microwaved them for 5 minutes. I found I did have to watch them as they did burn quite quickly when they were ready to burn, but I was able to pull most of them out in time.

I did the same with the beetroot and then had a nice bowl of parsnip and beetroot chips, which I tossed in some salt and pepper.

I know it looks like potpurri but the chips tasted delicious! I’ve since tried this method with pumpkin and sweet potato and all have worked successfully and tasted great. If you have a microwave, you need to give this a go.


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