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Recent cakes May 21, 2012

Posted by inspiredbywolfe in Sweet things.


A couple of cakes I’ve made recently! First, a dark cherry swirl cake with dark chocolate ganache – not that you’d know to look at it.

This was a 1989 Batman cake for H’s birthday (the 1989 Batman being his favourite Batman movie). On one side, the bat-signal and Gotham City. On the other…

The Joker has taken over! Complete with Joker playing card and a replica lily acid flower. Luckily this one didn’t shoot acid, and was entirely edible.

This was the first time I tried to make a lily, and despite not having the correct (lily) cutters, I thought it came out rather well.

Next up, a replica of a Sopwith Camel I made for a World War One / Biggles fan. This cake was lime flavoured with a thin layer of white chocolate ganache.

In this cake, the wings of the plane were made from plain sugar cookies, with coloured fondant stuck on with sugar syrup. The fuselage is a piece of leftover cake, again covered in fondant.

While not perhaps entirely historically accurate, it was accurate enough for the cake recipient and much delight was taken in eating the plane’s body and wings.

Both of these were a lot of fun to make and decorate and were well received by their recipients.



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