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Ransom (letter) cookies January 15, 2012

Posted by inspiredbywolfe in Sweet things.

When, on a recent trip to the art gallery, I spied some brilliant cookie cutters in the gift shop, I bought them – and did not question why an art gallery may be selling cookie cutters in their gift shop. I thought that these cookie cutters were extremely versatile and could be used in many situations.

They were billed as alphabet or printing press cutters, but we all know they’re really for writing cookie ransom notes and other suitably murderous messages. I wasted no time in putting these cookies to use, by making a suitably Nero Wolfe message.

I also tried a new sugar cookie recipe, by Sweet SugarBelle. I must say this will be my go-to sugar cookie recipe from now on – it doesn’t require chilling before using, the cookies rose consistently, and the cookies were very smooth on the top – perfect for decorating. I began to stamp out the letters.

I found the best method was to cut out the shape, then dip the cutter in flour and stamp the letter. I dipped the cutter after each stamp to ensure it didn’t stick to the dough. After cooking and cooling, I started decorating them. I stuck to simple colours but was able to vary the cookies by icing some of them in outline and filling some of them in.

And finally with all the letters coloured in.

So what message did I spell out? I wanted to do something Nero Wolfe-related…

Now, before you think that’s a little morbid, this is actually a quote from “Help Wanted, Male”, part of the Trouble in Triplicate collection, and it is mentioned that it is from a movie playing at the time of the case.

The great thing about this message – unlike the one in the story – is that you can quickly remove any trace of it in an effective and delicious way.

I’m sure there are lots of nice messages I can make with these cookies, but for now I’m thinking of more murderous messages I can make and send to people!


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