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Pork ravioli with mushroom sauce January 11, 2012

Posted by inspiredbywolfe in Pork, Vegetables.

Or, what to do with the leftovers of a suckling pig christmas dinner. It may surprise you to learn that there were indeed leftovers after Christmas day, for which I blame the general excesses of Christmas and the ridiculous amount of food this holiday seems to encourage. While eating leftovers straight from the fridge was fun for a few days, after that it was time to do something more exciting with the remains of the pork. I decided to make ravioli with the rest of the meat, and boiled the bones to make something between a stock and a headcheese.

As I was starting with pre-cooked meat, I used the approach taken with the Saucisse Minuit recipe: make a slurry, add the meat, and mix everything together. I used some fat left over from making pork confit, and cooked some onions and garlic.

When the onions were softened, I added wine, pistachios and breadcrumbs, and mixed them together until it turned into the aforementioned slurry.

Meanwhile, I minced the pork meat (and some of the skin), and once the slurry had cooled, mixed everything together.

Meanwhile, I set to work making a sauce. I made a bechamel sauce, and thinned it down with wine and stock. I added some finely chopped mushrooms and let it all simmer together for a while. I didn’t want the sauce to be too creamy, so I added some red wine vinegar to provide some acidity and tanginess.

I’d already made some pasta dough, which had been chilling in the fridge until now. I started making the ravioli – which was fun for about the first 20, and got rather tedious after that…

As the filling was already cooked, I only needed to boil the ravioli for a couple of minute until they done. I served them with the mushroom sauce, with some basil on top.

It’s hard to make light-brown things look attractive, so you’ll have to take my word that this was a very nice combination. The ravioli were quite rich from the pork, there was the odd crunch from the pistachios and this was contrasted with the tangy mushroom sauce. I was very happy to find such a nice way to use up the remains of our Christmas feast, and, given the quantity I made, we can be reminded of Christmas for many meals to come.


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