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Homemade nutella December 18, 2011

Posted by inspiredbywolfe in Sweet things.

I was thinking that I really need to make a tag or category on this blog for ‘this is absurdly simple. Do it straight away’. Along with things like the celery salt, this definitely falls into this category.

There are lots of recipes for nutella around. I ended up using this recipe, as it seemed like the easiest of the lot, and didn’t require the sourcing of ingredients such as powdered milk. I also cheated a bit by buying pre-roasted and skinned hazelnuts so I skipped the step of needing to roast the hazelnuts. I therefore started by grinding up the hazelnuts in my miniature food processor.

I melted the chocolate and butter together, and when it was all melted, I added it to the ground hazelnuts and again blended it until it was combined.

My grinder is so small, I ended up having to do it in batches. I added a splash of milk just to thin it out, and was finally rewarded with a giant bowl of nutella.

It wasn’t perfectly smooth like the store-bought stuff, but I actually preferred it with a little bit of texture. I admit I had to do some taste tests while I was making it – just to make sure it was OK, you understand.

Apart from just eating a giant bowl of nutella, there were a few things I did with it. Being close to christmas, I decided to give some away as presents. I found some labels I thought would be good gift tags which I altered to add details about what I was giving (ironically, the person I was giving them to is a coeliac and may well have appreciated the original, gluten-free labels I’d altered!). I packed the nutella into some small jars and added the tags.

I did use the nutella in other things (as you will see shortly) but must admit that some of the nutella was just eaten straight from the bowl, not even making it onto a slice of toast. I think everyone should give this a go – it’s a lot nicer than the store-bought stuff – the only problem is I can’t see it lasting very long in anyone’s house!





1. Kathy - December 18, 2011

And most delicious it is too 🙂 We have 2 jars left of the 4 you gave me on Thursday…

inspiredbywolfe - December 19, 2011

Well you are doing better than me, I have none of the cookies you gave me left! Glad it was received so well…

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