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Grilled lamb kidneys December 11, 2011

Posted by inspiredbywolfe in Innards, Lamb.

So Charcutepalooza is all finished and the first thing I post after Charcutepalooza is more innards! Of course these came about on a whim when I saw lamb’s kidneys for sale at the butchers’. Flicking through the Nero Wolfe Cookbook, I saw the perfect recipe for my lamb’s kidneys.

Of course to start with, I had to split the kidneys and remove the inedible tissue.

While I’m definitely getting better at this, it’s fair to say I ended up with a variety of different sized and shaped pieces, rather than neat halves of kidney.

I made a marinade of olive oil, salt, pepper, thyme, mustard powder and nutmeg (I was meant to use mace, but had none – I thought nutmeg was a decent substitute). After this was all mixed together, I added the kidneys and left them to marinate for about 30 minutes.

While they were marinating, I mixed some worcestershire sayce, cayenne pepper and lemon juice into some softened butter. At the end of the 30 minutes, I took the pieces of kidney and threaded them onto skewers. It was at this point I swore at the person who had made such silly-shaped kidney pieces, and had made it so hard to get them onto the skewers!

Now it was simply a matter of brushing the kidneys with the flavoured butter I’d made earlier, and sick the under the grill. After a few minutes, I took them out, flipped them over, added more butter and returned them to the grill until they were done.

I made a simple sauce with the drippings from the kidneys plus the rest of the flavoured butter, and made an endive salad to serve the kidneys with.

This was a really nice way of cooking kidneys. They weren’t rubbery or hard but instead were still soft, and were very flavoursome. The marinade and butter worked really well together to provide some spiciness and acidity to contrast with the flavour of the kidneys. The thyme also came through strongly and provided a great earthiness to the kidneys.

Once again Nero Wolfe has provided me with a great method to cook something – in this case, kidneys. I think kidneys are often added to stews until they go almost hard and rubbery, whereas in this case, they were soft and juicy. I’ll definitely be cooking kidneys like this again.


1. Nic - December 11, 2011

Yum! I love kidneys! I just need to persuade Graham that they are a good thing to eat. Maybe this recipe will help!!!

2. Henry George Dickman - February 25, 2017

My mother when I was little used to do kidneys gorgeous in just a little fat in frying pan mmmm tasty. She also did mushrooms and bacon, but here lies the rub. She had me peel the mushrooms, snap out the centre stalk and then slowly fry in a touch of water the mushrooms flapped over after being turned in the pan. But she had me ( who was just the height of the pan) gently stir with wooden zpatu6 the mushroom. ….. gravy . When loaded straight from the pan the “gravy” blended over the bacon and mushrooms. But it wasn’t gravy. It involved corn flour. Nobody to date has been ablessed to duplicate it.

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