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Relapse: Miso snapper November 14, 2011

Posted by inspiredbywolfe in Fish, Relapse.

Relapse: An occasional series where I discuss several ways of preparing an ingredient.

While this isn’t really a full relapse, I did spend a good Sunday afternoon with a snapper, and wanted to share the results.

I decided to start by baking a whole snapper, with Japanese flavours. I began by stuffing the cavity with some pieces of garlic and ginger.

I prepared a paste of miso, rice vinegar, siracha and soy sauce, and brushed it liberally over both sides, and the inside of the fish.

I left it to bake for about 30 minutes, which left me time to quickly chop and stir fry some snow peas and celery, before preparing the dish. I used half of the fish to flake off into pieces, which I served with the vegetables.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well the miso had penetrated the fish; that, combined with the garlic and ginger gave a very nice flavour. The soft fish went well with the still-crunchy vegetables, and all in all, it was a very nice dish.

I took the remainder of the fish and flaked it off the bones. I prepared some sushi rice, and after it was cool, chopped some avocado. Then I turned it all over to H, who has the title of master sushi maker in this house. I can make all the ingredients but my rolling is no good, and he is much better at it than I am!

We were lucky enough to be able to add some salmon roe, which our fishmonger was selling that weekend. H rolled up the rest of the fish into snapper sushi, and we ate them with extra roe on top.

The combination of the snapper and avocado was nice and provided a very creamy centre to the sushi. This was offset by the salty salmon roe and extra pickled ginger I ate my pieces with.

While there are definitely lots of things to do with snapper, I was quite pleased in the way these dishes turned out. The miso paired very well with the snapper, and while not a full relapse, I felt Nero Wolfe would be proud of my snapper efforts.


1. micuik6 - November 14, 2011

Sounds really good!

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