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White chocolate and orange lava cakes for Halloween October 23, 2011

Posted by inspiredbywolfe in Sweet things.
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I’m horrifically excited that it’s almost Halloween! While nothing can top the fun of making a zombie Nero Wolfe, it’s definitely time to create some creepy food for my favourite holiday of all. I had been thinking of chocolate lava cakes and had the idea to somehow make them red, so it would look like they were oozing blood.

I figured that someone had probably thought of this before, and sure enough, I found a recipe over at The Gourmand Mom. She made her cakes to celebrate a new season of Dexter, but I can’t imagine anything more appropriate for Halloween.

I started by melting white chocolate and butter until they were well combined.

I added plain flour, confectioner’s sugar, eggs, orange essence, and a couple of spoonfuls of cocoa. Then came the fun part: adding the red food colouring. I used the gel colours I use for cookies, because I wanted to ensure a good, rich colour.

I may have been overly concerned with making sure I added enough food colouring but at least it was definitely red when it was all mixed through!

Having no nice little ramekins to spoon my mixture into, I made do with the various serving bowls and things lying around my house.

I cooked them, as instructed, for 14 minutes exactly. I let them cool in their ramekins for a couple of minutes before inverting them onto a serving dish.

I think because my ramekins were larger than ‘proper’ ramekins, I ended up with slightly larger, and therefore flatter, puddings, than the original recipe. Extensive amounts of icing sugar notwithstanding (not sure why I added so much!), these were really nice – and definitely oozing red blood for Halloween.

The flavour was actually quite complex, and they were sweet, but not cloyingly so, with the orange flavour helping to balance the sweetness of the white chocolate. But best of all was the ghoulish residue of red colouring on the eaters’ mouths: this dessert can also be used as part of a vampire costume! Although I am not usually a fan of white chocolate, I very much enjoyed these little cakes, and they were a great start to my Halloween cooking.


1. micuik6 - October 23, 2011

Sounds great! Can’t wait to try making these.

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