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Duck pie with blue cheese September 20, 2011

Posted by inspiredbywolfe in Duck.

Flush with the (mostly) successful Pate en Croute, I was keen to try another recipe using the same sort of pastry I’d used for the pate. I found the pastry light and flaky, and loved the taste with the addition of the goose fat. Having lots of goose fat remaining, I decided to make a pie filled with duck; then, because clearly that wasn’t heavy or indulgent enough already, I thought the addition of blue cheese was needed.

I started with some duck breasts I’d bought, and scored the skin before searing it well. I was hoping to get some of the seared flavour into the pie filling, and maybe a textural change in the skin as well.

I chopped up onion, carrot and garlic, and diced up the duck once the skin was seared. I cooked everything in some goose fat, and when it was softened, added red wine and a bit of water (although really, why did I bother adding water at this point?!) and let it all cook for a while.

I used the time the filling was cooking to cook the pie dough I’d previously made and left to rest in the fridge. I again used the Charcuterie pate dough recipe, substituting the butter for goose fat and adding a bit more flour to make it workable.

I blind baked the pie dough for about 15 minutes, and by this time, the pie filling was also done. I tipped the filling into the shell, and dotted the top with pieces of blue cheese.

I added a top of dough, decorated it with a few bat cutouts, and cooked it for another 10 minutes or so.

I served the pie with a simple salad with lots of vinegar in the dressing!

I was very happy with both the pastry and the consistency of the filling. The duck meat was still soft, the blue cheese was tangy and the pastry was flaky. Overall, it was delicious. However, it was also possibly the richest pie I’d ever eaten! Duck is a fairly rich meat anyway; this, coupled with the blue cheese and the goose fat, made that small slices were the way to go.

This pie is not something I imagine even Nero Wolfe wanting large portions of, but it was a lot of fun to make and meant we had fantastic leftovers for the next few days!


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