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Raspberry fruit leather September 5, 2011

Posted by inspiredbywolfe in Fruit.

Making this fruit leather is remarkably like making blood sausage: you try and push the mixture through a sieve, give up and blend the whole thing, it takes way longer than you’re expecting and you end up with a kitchen covered in red splatters.

Only this time, the splatters are raspberry, not blood.

When I saw this collection of recipes, I knew I had to try them. I grew up eating the slightly plastic fruit rollups, and wanted to try the real thing, so to speak. I used the strawberry fruit leather recipe, but substituted frozen raspberries instead. After they’d defrosted, I first pureed them with some sugar in the blender.

I then tried to follow the instructions to push the pulp through a strainer, leaving the seeds behind. While this was a great idea in theory, it took me a long time and I still ended up with some seeds in the mixture.

I removed most of the seeds, then heated the remaining mixture in the saucepan, first until it boiled, and then at a low simmer for about 20 minutes.

Once it was reduced to about 2 cups, I added some lemon juice before pouring onto a tray. The recipe instructed me to pour the mix over a silicone mat before heating in the oven. Since I didn’t have a silicone mat, I used greaseproof paper that I sprayed with non-stick spray, before adding the (still very hot) raspberry mix.

I turned the oven on to about 70ºC, and began the slow process of drying out the fruit leather. I checked it every hour and it did take a good 6-7 hours before it was mostly dry and was no longer sticky to touch.

(Apologies for the bad photos, but it was night by this time and I was anxious to try it!)

While mine was a lot darker than the photos, I didn’t think it was overcooked. Mine was a lot thicker than the fruit leather in the photos, and I think I used a smaller tray. However, I was not deterred, and, once it was cooled I cut it into a few pieces.

As you can see it was still a little sticky, but it was very easy to eat. While the recipe had called for all seeds to be removed, I quite enjoyed having a few seeds to add some crunch to the otherwise smooth fruit leather. The leather itself was very intensely flavoured, and it was definitely obvious it was raspberry!

While the flavour combinations mean I want to experiment making this again, I’m not sure I want the oven on for 6-7 hours – at quite a low temperature that can’t be used for many other things. I would prefer to save trying this again until I’ve purchased a dehydrator, and can dry the fruit leather in that instead.

Like blood sausages, while you may end up with a red splattered kitchen, you also end up with a delicious product at the end of it. Definitely worth the splatters and the clean up that is sure to follow.


1. Adelaide - September 5, 2011

I can lend you a dehydrator until you get your own…. if it helps 🙂

2. A Pakistani Boy - September 6, 2011

it’s amazing how something so pink could turn into something so black….hahahahaha. I will say, i would definitely like to try it out!

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