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Corn and tomato tart August 10, 2011

Posted by inspiredbywolfe in Vegetables.

Regular readers of the blog will be relieved to hear that the Threadcakes madness has almost subsided, and that I’ll be posting more frequently! I’ve been cooking a great deal – I just need to use the time currently taken up with cake decorating to sit down a write about all the things I’ve made.

Here in Melbourne, winter seems to have gone on forever. So it was great to see we were to get some spring-like weather! It didn’t last, and we’re now back to colder temperatures, but for a few days there, it seemed that spring might actually appear this year. I was thinking of making a lighter dish to match the weather when I came across this corn tomato tart on Ideas in Food. Now, theirs is all fancy and uses fresh polenta and charred tomatoes; I took the basic concept and made my own version.

To start with, I blind-baked a tart shell for about 15 minutes. I used the recipe from Ratio, and used half plain flour and half rye bread flour.

While that was cooking, I got to work on the filling. I took six ears of corn and cut all the kernels off, and placed them in a saucepan with a bit of water. I added a chopped red onion, and some finely chopped anchovies (instead of bacon).

Once the onions had softened, I let the mixture cool down, and added an egg to help bind everything together. By this time, my pastry shell was cooked, so I added the corn mixture, and thinly sliced some tomatoes to put on top.

I put the tart back in the oven, and cooked it for about 10 or 12 minutes. I turned the grill setting on for a couple of minutes, to help cook the tomatoes and get them a bit charred. I sliced up some fresh basil to add on top of the tart.

This was so spring-like and refreshing. The egg had worked to bind everything together, but did not overwhelm the flavour of the corn, anchovies and the tomatoes.

Although we returned to the depths of winter not soon afterward, I was happy we’d had a glimmer of spring. Additionally, making this tart gave me hope that spring may actually arrive this year!


1. theoncominghope - August 17, 2011

Mmm…I’m totally obsessed with tomato tarts this summer. Here’s the one I made last night:

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