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What we had for Christmas January 3, 2011

Posted by inspiredbywolfe in Game, Vegetables.

I know I’m a little belated on my Christmas post, but here it is nonetheless! Here’s a short roundup of what we ate on Christmas day.

Clockwise from the top middle:

  • Roast pheasant with a pomegranate molasses glaze (I brined the pheasant beforehand, resulting in super moist meat and a subtle addition to flavour), made following Hank Shaw’s recipe. I put some sage, chestnuts and pieces of apple in the cavity but did not stuff it.
  • Leconfield Coonawarra Merlot from South Australia
  • Cabbage with bacon, tarragon and chestnut
  • The caramelised onions left over from cooking the pheasant
  • Salad of blue cheese, rocket and chestnut (why yes, we were on a bit of a chestnut kick!)
  • A cherry and brandy sauce, a type of cranberry sauce replacement (it wasn’t sweet as the cherries were quite young)
  • More merlot!
  • Garlic butter roasted mushrooms, following this Smitten Kitchen recipe. Oh my goodness. Everyone must make these mushrooms! They are ridiculously addictive. Make them, and eat them hot or cold.
  • Stuffing, baked in a separate pan, with onions, chestnuts and sage.

Not shown in the photo are the pre-dinner cocktails we had – this London-style South Side cocktail, with mint, cucumber and lime – delicious and refreshing; and the dessert of ‘eggnog cake’, basically a cheesecake with additional spices and some brandy and rum added.

I hope you all ate well during the holidays, and feasted with friends and family.


1. Teena - January 5, 2011

wow – mouthwatering. I could eat.. but for the fact that after the festive stuffing period I shouldn’t, until at least Easter 🙂
Happy New Year down under, looking forward to many more tempting and inspiring posts (and pictures :))

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