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Christmas gifts for the detective in your life December 19, 2010

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Christmas is almost upon us! And while Nero Wolfe had no time for it, you might feel differently. Here are some fun suggestions for the detectives in your lives – and for the people who make up the Nero Wolfe household. Don’t worry – the food will return shortly!

For Nero Wolfe
Outside of his detective work, Nero Wolfe has two main interests: food, and orchids. It is known he likes meat a great deal, so perhaps some fresh meat would make a good present? If you think it’s a good idea, maybe some game or slightly more unusual meats would be nice – from a speciality supplier such as Wangara Poultry and Game (even if you can’t order from them, take a look at their stock list! The variety is amazing).

If you wish to indulge Nero Wolfe’s other passion, an orchid is of course always a great present. A place such as the Australian Orchid Nursery may be a great place to start shopping, as they have a variety of orchid types, as well as orchid supplies and reference material. And you can order online!

For Archie
While Archie is known as Nero Wolfe’s assistant, he’s also a first rate detective in his own right. For the Archies in your life, I’d suggest some new detective supplies – maybe a new Forensic Science kit (with a case to solve!) or a magnifier. If in doubt, CSI chocolates are always welcome. In his spare time, Archie likes to go dancing. I wouldn’t suggest dancing lessons for him (he might be insulted), but maybe a CD of dance music tracks may be received better.

For Fritz
In my opinion, Fritz is the easiest to buy for. Any form of cooking reference or supplies will be welcome! If you’re looking for ipad or iphone applications, a nice one is the How to Cook Everything app, which is Mark Bittman’s book in application form. For more suggestions for cooking applications, see my post from earlier this year. If you want to purchase some items for the kitchen, you can’t go past something from Le Creuset. Wandering specialty shops such as Essential Ingredient can also assist in picking up those last minute cooking-related items.

Whether you’re shopping for Archie, Fritz or Nero Wolfe himself, I hope you’re well prepared! The next step, of course, is to ensure your food is ready to go too. I will return to that in my next post.


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