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Happy Hanukkah: Menorah Cookie December 5, 2010

Posted by inspiredbywolfe in Sweet things.

Happy Hanukkah everyone! I know I’m a few days late – it began on 1 December – but here’s my offering to the Hanukkah celebration: a giant stand-up Menorah cookie!

To make the cookie, I modified Not Martha’s pattern for a Partridge in a Pear Tree cookie, changing the top to add the candle shapes, and removing the extra flourish on the ‘branch’ piece as I didn’t have an extra piece to put on it. I decided to not try and cut out all the arms of the Menorah separately but instead thought it would be easier – and more structurally sound – to make it in one piece and then pipe the detail on afterwards.

I used a basic sugar cookie recipe which I added some almond essence to. I don’t think I rolled the dough as thin as Not Martha did for her Partridge cookie, but it still fit together fine. I chilled the dough before I rolled it and also chilled it again before baking as this helps to retain the shape. Here’s some more photos of the process…

As soon it had cooled, I made sure the pieces actually fit together!

Starting to ice the Menorah using gold-coloured gel icing, before I sprinkled yellow sugar on to give that special gold gleam…

A shot from the side so you can see how the two pieces fit together.

Candles and sugar sprinkles! As I iced each section, I sprinkled the sugar on straight away, so it could stick to the icing.

Happy Hanukkah!



1. Elizabeth - December 5, 2010

You’re a bloomin’ genius Kirsten…Happy Hannukah!

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