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More Halloween preparations: Cupcakes October 30, 2010

Posted by inspiredbywolfe in Sweet things.
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I did warn you there would be multiple Halloween posts and I’m happy to say this is not the last! These Halloween cupcakes were a fun project I did in order to supply my colleagues with Halloween goodies – I stuck to simple designs but I still think they were quite effective.

I made a basic cupcake recipe with brown sugar and vanilla essence. I made them quite small – which meant I had a lot to ice!

I decided to do 2 designs for the cupcakes – mummies and spider webs. I started with the mummies. Using a thick, flat icing tip, I piped white icing in overlapping lines to emulate mummy bandages. I did the lines fairly randomly but made sure I left a gap for the eyes.

With a thinner tip, I piped yellow blobs of icing in the gap I’d left for the eyes. Here’s a photo of the icing production line when I had begun to add the eyes.

As the final step, I used a thin icing tip to add dots of black icing for the eyeballs. Here’s the final result:

I think this one looks a bit scared!

For the spiderweb cupcakes, I spread a thin layer of icing on, and then piped a series of circles onto the cupcake.

As you can see the circles certainly weren’t perfect, but that didn’t matter to the final design. The next step is to drag a toothpick through the icing, from the middle to the outside, and repeat around the cupcake to form the spiderweb. You do have to do this fairly quickly, as it becomes more difficult as the base icing sets.

Here’s a photo of the final cupcakes.

Now, I must apologise for the quality of the photo – it was late at night and the light wasn’t good. However, I had to take the photo at night, because I had a very special guest…

Just look at Dracula! He’s so happy to have these cupcakes to eat! I’m sure they provide a bit of variation to his normal diet. Although that sugar might not be good for his teeth…

Whatever your plans are for Halloween, I hope you’ve had time to prepare whatever you needed to prepare, added appropriately spooky decorations and found just the right costume. Have a great Halloween!


1. iolanthegabrie - October 30, 2010

I thought you had made a full Gary Oldman cake in addition to your spooky cupcakes. I think this attests to my belief in your icing skills. Good work. And happy halloween!

inspiredbywolfe - October 31, 2010

Ha! I’m definitely not that talented. It is, however, very easy for me to find Halloween props just lying around our house…

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