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Shrove Tuesday February 17, 2010

Posted by inspiredbywolfe in Sweet things.

I might not believe in Shrove Tuesday but I do believe in pancakes!

Why yes, I am enjoying my cookie cutters, why do you ask?! I think the cat is my favourite, followed closely by the teapot.

But there are other spooky pancakes too…

A little ghost, a little bat…

I can’t wait for Halloween!

I made these by mixing up pancake batter (I use 1 egg, oil, self raising flour and milk), spraying the (metal) cookie cutters thoroughly with cooking oil spray, putting them into an oiled frypan, and carefully spooning the pancake batter inside the cookie cutter. I let them cook until big bubbles were coming up to the top and they were quite well done on the bottom. At that point I was usually able to remove the cookie cutter and flip the pancake over and cook them normally until they were done. As they were already mostly cooked, they held their shape as long as I flipped them carefully. A couple of times I wasn’t so neat and the batter slopped over the side of the ‘mould’ while I was spooning it in, which meant the pancake would not easily slip out of the cookie cutter. In those cases I flipped the whole pancake still in the mould, waited until it had cooked completely, and took it off the frypan still in the cookie cutter. I let the cookie cutter cool a bit, then ran a knife around the edge which was enough to loosen the pancake. A small warning: cookie cutters stay warm for a long time – longer than perhaps you’d expect, and burnt fingers may result!



1. Adelaide - February 17, 2010

So… plastic cutters not advised, then?


inspiredbywolfe - February 18, 2010

No plastic cutters – or painted metal cutters either, apparently (not that I’d know anything about that!)…plain metal cutters only!

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